The Top TEN Best Commentators Quotes Of All Time

Ole Gunnar SolskjaerWhen it comes to football, we spend our lives idolising our heroes. The moments in football which we all remember set particular players above the rest: Paul Gascoigne’s free kick against Arsenal at Wembley, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s last minute winner in the Champions League final for Manchester United or even one of many of Steven Gerrard’s Roy-of-the-Rovers goals for Liverpool.

But apart from the occasion, what else makes these moments the most memorable in football? What do they have in common? They were all accompanied by some commentary which will forever live long in the memory with quotes which are no embedded in the history of football, along with the goals themselves.

If you think about, I’m sure you could reel off a few choice quotes from over the years. It’s almost as if Solskjaer’s winner back in 1999 wouldn’t have been quite so dramatic if Clive Tyldesley hadn’t shouted, “…and Solskjaer has won it! Manchester United have reached the promise land!”

So here are my Top 10 best and most memorable commentary moments. Some are debateable so if you want to add your own feel free to throw them in at the bottom!

Man United V Bayern Munich – 1999

I referred to it earlier, so it’s an easy one to start with. United won the Champions League in the most dramatic of circumstances, and Clive Tyldesley gave a quite brilliant performance himself. Throughout the footage, there are lines and quotes which still make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Brilliant.


England V Greece – 2001

We all know what goal I’m talking about here: “David Beckham has done it for England – big time!” By the way, it was definitely not a free kick…

[youtube CxM3DKTWOy8]

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Liverpool V Olympiakos

One of Andy Gray’s best. When Gerrard netted that all important goal to get Liverpool through the group stages, Gray reacted in the only way he knows how. It’s just a shame we won’t be hearing this again

[youtube kM5XP-Ps7tk]

Liverpool V AC Milan

Another Champions League final and another Tyldesley master class. He’s probably one of the only commentators around who could do such a game justice. Please accept my apologies for the awful accompanying music…

[youtube Sg3_uFEkjzc]

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Norway 2-1 England

Possibly the funniest piece of commentary ever. Looking back, I’m kind of glad we lost the game just to hear the Norwegian, Bjørge Lillelien go absolutely mental. “Your boys took a hell of a beating!”

[youtube PqZTP8-8wIs]

Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle

Another Martin Tyler and Andy Gray combination to make the most exciting of games even better. The picture of Kevin Keegan hanging his head with desperation just adds to the moment.

[youtube gwCDYc-r3iI]

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Liverpool 3-3 West Ham

Liverpool seem to feature quite heavily in these lists, but it’s only because they have produced some excellent moments down the years. This is another: The FA Cup looked to be going to West Ham until Steven Gerrard intervened. What a strike it was as well.

[youtube vXrkDeNxGcM]

England V West Germany World Cup final

This list wouldn’t have stood up in a court of law if I didn’t include probably the most famous match in English football history, which has the most famous commentary of all time. It even had a TV show named after it!

[youtube twYFgixkqJE]

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Man United V Wimbledon

I wasn’t going to include this one as I thought there must be more famous commentary, but thinking about it, the line is quite memorable. “Beckham saw Sullivan off his line!” It deserves it’s place.

[youtube FCab8rhbIhM]

Hereford V Newcastle

This game, and particularly Ronnie Radford’s 30-yard screamer is said to be the match which propelled John Motson to the media guru he is today, so it’s only fair he gets a mention!

[youtube z-ze42I6NEo]

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