The Top TEN career defining moments in football

Great footballers have the ability to step up to the plate and produce moments of absolute brilliance that come to define them and their careers. Whether they produce a few seconds of magic that kick starts their career, or a passage of play so glorious that it is what they are forever judged by, it is these moments that we instantly think of when we think of these players.

Of course not all career defining moments are good ones and it is just as likely-despite all you may have achieved within the game-that you will be remembered for one of your more infamous moments. These incidents don’t make them any less of a player, or their achievements any less amazing, it is just that that it is the moment that will always be imprinted on people’s minds and will perhaps overshadow everything else they have achieved in the game.

There have been so many memorable career defining moments but click on Gazza below to view the top 10:


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