The Top TEN club returns from hell

They say “never go back” for a reason. If it’s true that the grass is rarely greener on the other side, it’s doubly true that the grass is rarely as green as you remember on the old side. There are a number of examples out there of players who returned to their old club and failed to recapture their old form. This may be because they’ve aged, lost pace, are unable to hold down a position in the team, because of injuries or any number of other explanations. At the moment the news is full of stories about how Shaun Wright-Phillips is seeking a move away from Manchester City after an unhappy second spell with the Blues. Arsenal fans are watching on in interest to see if Arsene Wenger re-signs Robert Pires (he won’t – Gerard Houllier snapped him up at Aston Villa instead). Surely that’s excuse enough to run through the Top 10 players who were unable to replicate their earlier successes on returning to their old club.

Click the image below to see the Top 10:


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