The Top TEN ‘disappointments’ within the Premier League this season

In what has been an extremely unpredictable and inconsistent Premier League season, we’ve seen a number of bright talking points with which to promote the league. Arsenal’s 5-3 win over Chelsea earlier in the season will be viewed as a great advert for the English game. Likewise, the many, many high scoring matches this season will be a great one for the neutrals.

But this season has also been marred by a number of big disappointments. Team’s failing to capitalise on others’ poor performances, and clubs who have done little to justify their huge spending over the summer months. High profile players have also been brought into the league with much hope of success, but have always failed to make an impact. While an old favourite continues to surprise us with even more ridiculous statements to fuel a tired war.

It’s difficult to put a finger on whether this has been a good Premier League season or not so far: we’ve seen Tottenham form an unlikely title challenge while establishing themselves as favourites for one of the top four spots, and Manchester City have added a little variety at the top of the table. But the inconsistencies and continued disappointments of this season may be proof that this season has not been one to remember for most.

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