The Top TEN ‘falls from grace’ in the Premier League years

Football’s full of clichés, but then again it’s full of people perpetrating them too. Take the old ‘hero to zero’ transition. It’s a classic. Off-field antics, a collapse in form, the wrong transfer move – all culpable traits of a fall from grace. Managers, players and clubs have all experienced the lows that appear as if from the end of some biblical parable concerning hubris and it never gets any less fun to watch. Painful though it may be when your beloved club or players lose their form, sanity and status watching others do it never ceases to amuse. Leeds know what it’s like, so does Fernando Torres and so will many more for years to come. Call it entertainment or call the savage and godless nature of life football will always be full of those who were once heroes, and are now zeroes.

Click on Rafa Benitez to see the top 10 falls from grace in the Premier League


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