The Top TEN footballers who ‘reap what they sow’

Is there such thing as footballing karma? As most supporters will tell you, the answer to that is probably a resounding no. As much as Martin Tyler would like to tell you otherwise, dodgy refereeing decisions never seem to level themselves out. Seeing a potential relegation-staving goal ruled wrongly offside or a fans’ favourite dubiously sent off on derby day will simply be eased be the odd penalty here and there.

But is the fate that some of these gentlemen are currently undertaking, offer hope to fans far and wide? After plying their trade conning refs and enraging fans up and down the nation, are we finally seeing a few players reaping what they sow?

Some of these players are notorious thespians others may seem misunderstood. But have a flick through, cast your own judgement and then air your grievances when your finished.

Click on Andy Johnson to unveil the top 10

QPR striker Andrew Johnson


Fuming at the sight of your favourite player in our top 10? Or is there someone on the wrong end of footballing justice that you think has been missed out? Let me know on Twitter: follow @samuel_antrobus and get involved. 

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