The top TEN footballers whose ‘abilities are misunderstood’

Every Saturday, without fail, millions will wince at the ignorant comments bellowed by football fans in grounds across the country. The screams of “get in the box”, “he’s your man” and my personal favourite “you should be at the back post”, when the player in question was actually taking the corner.

Football is a game that spawns opinion from each and every one of its devoted followers, there’s a budding manager within all of us eager to reveal himself. It could be the tactics, team selection or substitutions but there’s always something we disagree with and that can have a dangerous impact on the opinions we form as a result.

The truth is, we don’t have the privilege of watching any player on a daily basis, forcing us to make our assumptions based purely on a 90-minute viewing window. We therefore perhaps don’t truly appreciate the role of certain players within the team and instead ridicule those who are simply “doing a job”.

Some players are fortunate enough to be labelled as the unsung hero but for many their abilities go unnoticed. Therefore I have decided to compile a list of the top ten players whose abilities are misunderstood.

Click on Pablo Zabaleta to unveil the top 10


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