The Top TEN ‘Footballing Rants’ of the 2011-12 Season

Managers have, arguably, the hardest job in football, watching on almost powerlessly from the touchline as their team do battle on the field of play, whilst taking the flak for almost any issue surrounding the side. So it’s understandable that these men get a little frustrated at times, venting their anger from the touchline or in interviews after the game.

Whether it be poor decisions, the actions of opposing players or chants from the crowd, coaches often succumb to the red mist and embark on what has been dubbed the ‘rant’.

This season has been no different, as the levels of controversy have once again risen, with all manner of incidents occurring both on and off of the field of play, causing gaffers across the nation to speak out.

This list looks at ten incidents of managerial moaning during the 2011/12 Premier League season:

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