The top TEN ‘Forgotten’ Premier League Players

The world of football has perhaps the shortest of memories. New players seem to come and go every season, having either struggled to live up to expectations, found themselves unable to settle or simply moved on to bigger and better things.

Quite often these ‘stars’ fail to live up to the glories of their early careers, slumping down the league system or moving to far-flung areas of the globe in search of that final football fix. Hype, injuries and unfair expectations have claimed a fair few victims down the years, damaging the potential of a lot of players.

This list looks through some of the men who have graced the Premier League, before quietly slipping out of the back door and onto the footballing scrapheap. There will almost certainly be a few names that spring to mind, but here’s a list of ten, who have become forgotten men.

Click on Michael Bridges to unveil the top 10 forgotten Premier League players



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