The Top TEN ‘Greediest Footballers’ of all time

We hear every week from some source or another that footballers are overpaid, undeserving, greedy… you get the picture. Yet some are far greedier than others. So greedy in fact, they make a banker’s bonus look like change in a beggar’s hat. Whatever happened to playing football simply because you enjoy the game? With so much money in the game these days, loyalty and commitment are rare commodities to find – as these big money-grabbing individuals prove.

Perhaps it’s not the money, but rather the things it brings – flashy cars, model girlfriends, fashionable clothes, large houses – but still, surely the priorities of these footballers are all wrong? What football fans would give just to play a single game for their club…

Click on Emmanuel Adebayor to unveil the top 10


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