The Top TEN ‘Strangest Decisions’ in Football

In the wake of Lee Clark’s dismissal at Huddersfield, despite his outstanding record of just three defeats in 55 games, I have decided to compile my top ten strangest decisions in football.

The ‘beautiful’ game we all know and love sometimes lets its hair down, downing bottle after bottle of champagne until it loses its inhabitations and evolves into a ‘funny old’ game.

The examples below are a combination of the obscure, the bewildering and the damn right absurd decisions that have lodged themselves in my memory. It goes without saying that human error forms a large part of footballs entertainment factor, but that doesn’t stop us fans cursing the high heavens when our superstar striker falls arse over elbow when clean through on goal.

Click on Leroy Rosenior to unveil the top 10


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