The £8m mistake that will continue to haunt Spurs for years

FanCast guest
columnist Dean Commons is left ruing at the £8m catch that got away.

Ashley Young has come out and claimed that he
had no regrets that he missed out on the opportunity to sign for Tottenham
Hotspur and is more than happy with his move to Villa; he may not have any, but
we as a football club blooming well should.

They say nothing should surprise you at
Tottenham but the refusal to meet Watford's £8m asking price leaves me totally
baffled and once again makes me question the sanity of Damien Comolli and
Daniel Levy. I mean I always thought that we were actually snubbed by the
player, I didn't realise it was simply down to the fact that we were unwilling
to pay the fee.

I know they say hindsight is a wonderful
thing and it is easy for me to question it now, but the fact of the matter is
he was an U21 international at the time, extremely quick and more importantly
can play on the either wing. He was highly rated and at the time was being
talked up as one of the best things in the game and therefore hardly
represented a risk. Young is proving that and more and is arguably the best
English winger at this moment in time. Lennon does run him close, but unfortunately
our No.7 cannot put a delivery from the wing like the Villa man can.

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Gif Banners

So our loss is Villa's gain, but the one
thing that bugs me about this is once again our incompetence or lack of
judgment in the transfer market. Here is a football club that will fork out
£16m a few months later for someone like Darren Bent to add to a strike force that
already had Berbs, Keane and Defoe, yet we wouldn't pay half that fee for a
player that could desperately fill our void on the left hand side of midfield;
I mean we have been prepared to pay £12m for Downing in the last five transfer
windows for lord's sake.

So not for the first time we are left to rue
the one that got away and no doubt he will continue to haunt us in the years to
come. We can now only hope under Harry that such a gifthorse in the future will
not be turned down, especially to what was down to arguably a couple of million.
You can only imagine what it would like to play against a Spurs side with Ashley
Young on the left and Lennon on the right; unfortunately for us we were denied
that opportunity.