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The ‘great’ Newcastle love affair appearing to turn sour

FanCast guest columnist
Tom Parker feels Newcastle's
love affair with Kevin Keegan could turn out somewhat sour.

Witnessing what has been an emotional week, which
started with Sir Bobby's memorial in Durham, followed by today's great occasion
at Portman Rd and you got an insight to a bygone era where passion and love of
a football club is far more important than anything else. That is what the game
use to be about; sadly it appears lost in the modern day.

The football club and its people is what was
important to the man and he made sure that the paying customer was always put
first in the multi-million pound era of the modern game. There was one
highlight shown of Sir Bobby, when they were looking back at his life, in
various tributes aired, and it was a scene just after yet another home defeat
at St James Park and the crowd were baying for Mike Ashley's blood. The camera
just panned in on him and not only was the hurt visible in the man's face, but
he spent the whole 15 seconds of this clip just surveying the disgruntled
support and he just seem to get even more dejected, knowing how upset the
people were; Sir Bobby was a man of the people and one who never forgot his

The reason I found this week rather poignant and
upsetting is seeing how this has come at the same time that another Newcastle
great Kevin Keegan is dragging the football club through the courts in order to
get some severance pay. Figures of £8m-£25m have been mooted and we all know
the consequence if the courts rule nearer the top end of the scale and the
subsequent affect it could have on this football club, given our current
financial state. Talk of being forced into administration is certainly
justified and that is why I cannot understand why Keegan, if he had this great
love for our football club, would be prepared to see this happen.

This whole affair absolutely sickens me and why I
admit I don't know the ins and outs of what actually went on, surely a
compromised could have been reached between the two party's? Keegan must
realise that this money isn't coming out of Ashley's pocket and it is us that
would fit the bill, so why won't he put the club first, especially when he
knows the financial consequence it could have on us all? Is Kev that hard up
for money, or is it simply a matter of principal with him? I could never
imagine Sir Bobby putting us through this, then again such was his love of
Newcastle; he probably would have done this job for nothing.


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Article title: The ‘great’ Newcastle love affair appearing to turn sour

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