There’s more to Blanco than meets the eye

The first thoughts to enter my head when I saw Blanco come on for Mexico against South Africa were “What the Hell!! Mexico must be desperately short of players!”  He looked like a big tank rolling across the field. He made Berbatov seem like a Gazelle. So why did Mexico bring him along to the World Cup and more importantly would he make a difference?

Few minutes after he came on I realized why Mexico needed him, he seemed to energize an uninspired team, and brought them to life, their attacking play improved a lot and most of it went through Blanco. He might be the slowest forward in the World Cup but he’s by no means a liability to the team, I think if they could, Mexico would have played him every game from the start. The Man has an innate ability to pick out the right pass, unlock defenses with a chip or a through ball, he’s a player who’s capable creating a moment of brilliance. He also scored for Mexico against France from the penalty spot.

Intrigued and also impressed by his cameo performances so far, I did a bit of research on him; turns out he’s a legend for Mexican Football, considered their most talented player in the last two decades. His career was spent playing in the La Liga, MLS and the Mexican First Division. Having played for Club America for the longest period, his stats were impressive too, showing he had a knack for scoring goals. He’s been playing most of his career as a deep-lying forward or as an attacking midfielder, making full use of his creative talents.

So I realized I have a new reason to cheer for Mexico, this almost immobile and unfit player who incredibly is in my opinion key to Mexico achieving anything in the World Cup 2010, Javier Aguirre has a player who can create a chance from nothing, a brilliant impact sub, who can be brought on when things aren’t going right for Mexico.

So with a new reason to cheer Mexico on, I look forward to seeing this man who many would consider not in shape to even keep up with a Sunday league team, play at the world’s biggest stage  and impress everyone and show the world why we’ll miss Cuauhtemoc when he finally retires!