Think Manchester United star’s FA Cup stunner is best ever? Think again!

Ryan-Giggs-Manchester-UnitedIt was 1999, Manchester United v Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final, score: 1-1. Then everything changed. Ryan Giggs stole the show with an incredible goal – a goal that soon became known as the Best FA Cup Goal ever (his celebratory reveal of an incredible amount of chest hair went down in history as well). That left-footed goal won United the game and Giggs a place in the history books.

Giggs may have been described as the best but he’s not alone in the list of great FA Cup goals – his fellow comrades include Ricky Villa with his goal for Spurs in 1981 and Gianfranco Zola’s thrilling shot in the cup against Norwich.

It has been a long time coming, but now these legends have a new comrade. It is not an accolade that is given out lightly, but it now belongs to Rene Steer, striker for St Neot’s Town FC due to his outstanding, and quite frankly unbelievable, goal against Canvery Island. The sheer distance from which he made the shot and the ease in which it was delivered makes it a worthy winner of the ‘Best FA Cup Goal Ever’. Also, the fact that he keeps his shirt on whilst celebrating makes it even better…