Third Time Charm for Manchester United Assistant?

Will Queiroz return for a thrid time?Manchester United have reportedly been debating about bringing former assistant manager Carlos Queiroz back to the club. Queiroz is currently unemployed after having been sacked by the Portugal national side for a disappointing World Cup and poor start to their Euro 2012 qualification campaign. He is also banned from working in Portugal after an incident with the countries anti-doping body prior to the World Cup. With Mike Phelan currently occupying the position of assistant manager, will there be room for the former assistant who has also flavoured the managerial role elsewhere?

You don’t become Real Madrid manager arbitrarily, with the Spanish giants electing to insert Queiroz as manager after one season with Manchester United that saw them win the Premiership. Admittedly events didn’t portray Queiroz in the most favouring of lights, but then Real Madrid are unforgiving and an expectant team that require no less than silverware, even then you may still be removed. In assessing what Queiroz gained from this regrettable stint, you would say experience. United then moved to re-sign their man which saw Queiroz stay to win a further two Premiership titles, UEFA Champions League title, Carling Cup title and runners-up medal in the F.A. Cup.

His experience isn’t questionable and the esteem in which they must hold him at Man United must be extremely high in order to contemplate bringing him back onto the coaching staff for a third time. Does this mean Phelan will have to take a back seat for Queiroz to assume the assistants role once again? Or will Queiroz, after having tasted managerial life, be content to have Phelan above him in the hierarchy?

It was certainly apparent that whilst at United, Queiroz helped to settle in and nurture foreign players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson. The latter two are still at the club as well as a number of other foreign players who are still young and would be greatly assisted by someone of Queiroz’s stature who would be able to go beyond the language barrier. He would carry with him an increased experience, after having managed at international level and hopefully have added to his tactical proficiencies. Sir Alex certainly appreciated Queiroz whilst he was at the club and seemed to develop a good understanding with his assistant.

Phelan hasn’t exactly done much wrong though, which leads to the idea of where has this speculation been fathomed from? The fact that Queiroz has been out of work for a little while is probably a motivating factor and that he has former ties with United which were extremely beneficial to both parties. The point remains that there still exists the present situation of United not announcing Queiroz returning in any capacity, this obviously doesn’t rule it out but it does make it speculation of the most speculative kind.

United would be judicious in approaching Queiroz, but in what capacity would it be? To upset Phelan and usurp him from being assistant or keep Queiroz busy with another responsibility such as coaching or scouting?

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