This Leicester City star would be foolish to leave during the summer

Leicester City have had an absolutely ground-breaking season and in a number of weeks the Foxes have the chance to go from relegation favourites to Premier League champions.

It’s a quite shocking turnaround and if it goes through, it will no-doubt be one of the most famous Premier League stories since football began.

But as the season has begun to draw to a close, the transfer mill has begun at an unbelievable pace. Some of Leicester’s biggest stars are being linked with massive-money moves away from the club but would certain individuals be making a mistake to do so?

The likes of Mahrez, Vardy and Drinkwater have all been linked with transfers to some of Europe’s biggest teams but there is one player that stands out amongst the rest for a slightly different reason- N’Golo Kante.

The dynamic Frenchman has been the unsung hero on many occasions for the Foxes this year, and he’s had the chance to prove himself in what has turned out to be one of the stories of the century.

Kante began his career at Boulogne before earning a transfer to Caen in 2013. He impressed there, featuring over 75 times and helping them earn promotion to Ligue 1 in 2014. With Kante’s help, they managed to remain in the league for that season before he made an £6million move to Leicester City.

His performances for the Foxes have earned him huge plaudits and he has been linked with moves to Chelsea, Arsenal and Juventus – some turnaround for a player that was playing in France’s second division two years ago.

But would he be foolish to leave the Foxes straight away? We’ve heard of many first-season wonders – those who excel first time round and then fail to turn up ever again. There is the possibility that Kante could become one of those, and that a transfer to one of Europe’s biggest clubs could go wrong. Off course, there is the possibility that he will only improve with fellow stars around him but it’s yet to be seen.

There’s also the fact the Foxes will themselves be in the Champions League next season. Why would Kante feel the need for a transfer if he’s with a title-winning, Champions League qualified team? Yes, there is the want to make the move to a better side but in Leicester he is at the best already.

Some may say Chelsea are the best, or Manchester City are the best but they are wrong, Leicester City are. Why would Kante want to leave England’s best when he has the chance to make a legacy, to make Leicester the next big thing?

He needs to think in great detail about what he wants to do after the next season. Leicester already have invitations to play in prestigious pre-season tournaments with the best. He’s got Champions League football to look forward to and a potential Premier League winners medal.

He needs to consider whether he wants to give that up at the first attempt. If he has another good season, then he should consider.

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