This Tottenham Saga has to End Now

A classic soap opera has to contain 3 key factors; intriguing characters, entertaining storylines and most importantly an explosive climax. Fans of this genre will be delighted to hear that Luka Modric’s on-running transfer saga looks to be heading for Coronation Street style longevity, according to reports. Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’, often the unerringly biased voice of Real Madrid, has claimed that the Croatian’s proposed transfer to the current La Liga Champions will continue long into next month. With the media generating an unwavering interest in this story, especially after Tottenham headed over to the States without their want away midfielder, another summer of uncertainty could cloud over the many positives that are blossoming at White Hart Lane.

Rewinding back to last summer tells of the repetitive nature of the transfer saga of Luka Modric. Minute steps away from joining Chelsea in the final moments of the transfer window, the playmaker wandered aimlessly through last season, producing the odd moment of magic in a campaign of inconsistency for the 26-year old. Still turning out in the Premier League for Spurs, the Croatian showed signs of restlessness, seemingly eager to move away to one of Europe’s elite. With Harry Redknapp as his manager, Modric may have reluctantly conceded a transfer out of the club; the 65-year old’s man management and the Chairman’s staunch attitude may have consigned Modric to defeat. However, with the club moving in a new direction, this may be the perfect time for the midfielder to move on. A transitional period is a challenge for players who were so very popular under the recently departing manager.  Often, they are no more the central focus of the club; their egocentric attitudes demanding column inches that are no longer theirs to own.

What Tottenham cannot allow to happen under any circumstances is for the transfer saga to draw away from the exciting new movement at the club. If Levy is demanding a certain asking price for their prized player, they must entertain no offers until their estimated value is reached. Strict timelines need to be set so that another farcical war between club and player fails to establish itself. In the past 12 months, Modric has handed in two transfer requests, failed to show up to training sessions, rejected their pre-season tour and refused to play in important games. Regardless of how majestic the player is, the club now need to take this argument by the scruff of the neck and throw it out the door. A classic case of player power is winning this battle, an embarrassing situation for a club who, season by season, are increasing their reputation on the European stage.

As the transfer window ebbs away towards its eventual conclusion, precious time is being lost to resolve an issue that has been a plague above White Hart Lane for the past 12 months. This series of the transfer window needs to close with Modric leaving Spurs with dignity. Should the Croatian still be a member of the cast for next summer, you can be certain that the storyline will once again centre on Modric causing a commotion at Tottenham; a storyline that should have concluded a long time ago. With the midfield maestro becoming a character of much debate and a club at war with the star player, all that is required to achieve a soap style strikeout is an exhilarating culmination; for Spurs’ sake though, this can’t be another cliff-hanger. Or can it…?