This the REAL reason why Liverpool have fallen short this season

FanCast columnist
feels that Liverpool's total
lack of ambition is the reason they have failed to last the distance in this
year's Premier League race.

Well the vultures got what they wanted; they are no
doubting chirping in their Fleet Street nests at the realisation that Liverpool's
title hopes are all but over.

In fairness it was a double whammy for them, as their
beloved Manyoo won the Carling Cup and no doubt they will be showering praise
on the man that are all seemingly so scared to offend; Rafa isn't afforded that
sort of luxury and defeat to Boro will only have them sharpening their knives

I'm disappointed, don't get me wrong, but for me
there seemed an air of inevitability that we wouldn't keep up with the pace,
especially with the depth of the squad and that has subsequently proved the
deciding factor. It is ultimately what has cost us the title and we have paid
the price for showing a lack of ambition.

So much has been written and debated about why the
wheels have come off at the football club this season. The media as always try
and put two and two together and tie it in with Rafa's outburst and why that
seems a convenient coincidence, the bottom line is that a total lack of
ambition from the football club, whose only concern behind the scenes is to
stick the knife into each other has been a cause. It makes you wonder why they
couldn't see the benefits of actually putting on a united front and concentrate
their efforts in making sure everything runs smoothly on the pitch. I suppose
that is the result of having too many chiefs at the football club who rather
put their own interests in front of the teams.

Rafa Benitez to be honest has had his fair share of
critics this season and why I personally don't see him being blameless; I
cannot help but feel that the Spaniard's hasn't had it easy. I ask the question
of how you can expect a football club that was evidently short of key personnel
last season to progress and become Premier League Champions? The very fact we
spent the large part of this campaign top of the table was only down to the
masterful tactics of Rafa Benitez and it makes you wonder what could have been
achieved this season had some ambition in the market been shown. Failure to
consolidate and bring in key players in January only went to highlight the
clear lack of fortitude of the board to succeed, which has now ultimately left
our season, once again, a ‘Champions League or bust' affair. They say in life
you have to speculate to accumulate in this world – I just wonder if Rick Parry
would have had any trouble finding a buyer that would be prepared to pay the
American's price had that been the case.


Article title: This the REAL reason why Liverpool have fallen short this season

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