Time for Kenny to bring Liverpool legend back into the fold?

It’s been almost an entire season now (just three more games to go now) since I suggested that we should bring Sami Hyypia back in a player-coach role, and in admitting that he had tried to, Roy Hodgson let us in on just about the only sensible thing he tried to do as Liverpool coach.

The news in the last 24 hours that Sami has now announced his retirement from football at the age of 37 has interested me a great deal. If it wasn’t for the fact that he simultaneously declared his intention to coach with Leverkusen and the Finish national side, we’d be stupid not to dive in there and snap him up. However, letting him have a good 12 months to get his coaching schooling and gain some experience might be a wise move for Liverpool; the club he surely feels most of an affinity with, given that he spent 10 very successful years with the club. Don’t get me wrong, I’d snap Sami up in any role to bring back this afternoon, if I thought it was possible but it doesn’t appear that it is at the moment.

This summer is going to be incredibly important for Liverpool, there’s going to be between 20-25 comings and goings if we’re to believe everything we read and given that there is going to be some pretty extensive restructuring at the club, it probably won’t be too far off that. The main focus this summer will undoubtedly be on players – getting the right ones in and moving the dead wood and surplus out.

So perhaps next summer, 12 months on when he’s got a full years experience under his belt and has decided on the role he wishes to play in football, we could look to bringing big Sami back over here and assisting in putting our club back where it belongs. Because if he can influence the side in the way he used to influence the defence when he was here, then we’d be stupid not to get him back at any cost.

Article courtesy of David Tryer from Live4Liverpool

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