Time for the Old Trafford faithful to unite for the good of the team?

With the Red Knights attempt to out muscle the Glazers out of Old Trafford collapsing earlier in the week, is it time the United fans lay to rest the dispute between them and their owners for the good of the team?

The Red Knights, led by Goldman Sachs financier Jim O’Neill, claim that their bid to takeover the Red Devils are far from over, despite putting their bids on hold.

In fact, the group of wealthy individuals are aiming to buy Manchester United in the near future. The group have stated that they will hold off launching a £1 billion takeover bid and test the Glazers resolve in the early months of next season. Speaking to the Telegraph on Wednesday, the Red Knights told of their potential aspirations for the club:

“The Red Knights remain committed to pursuing their efforts to try and help bring ownership of Manchester United to its supporters, and under a structure with materially less debt. As we have maintained however since news of our ambitions first emerged in March, we will only attempt to purchase the club at a sensible price, consistent with the long term interests of the club.”

So it’s clear to see that the consortium are not quite done yet and will launch a more ‘respectable’ bid to the Glazer family in due time. However, The Glazers have last week Friday (28th of May) reiterated that the club is not for sale at any price, and testament to this statement came last year when they rejected a £1.5 billion bid from the Middle East.

It almost seems certain that the Red Knights £1 billion valuation of the club will not bold well with the Glazers, and a rejection from the Americans looks imminent in honesty. However, the Knights believe that the supporter led green-and-gold campaign could force the Glazers to make a dramatic U-turn.

There is no love lost between the fans and the clubs owners that’s for sure. The Old Trafford faithful are not happy with the Glazers and supporters claim that the owners have not supported their manager in they way they should have done, and as a result of this, the club have fallen short of trophies this season. However, is it time the supporters put their differences aside for the good of the team?

All of their protests will have an effect on the players and the manager. The fans should really care more about the team rather than the Glazers, as it’s the players that need the noise, not the owners. Granted, they would like to know what’s transpiring behind the scenes with the finances, but if Fergie seems happy with his owners, then so should the fans. That’s not to say that all the fans are against the Glazer’s. Many of them will not be bothered about what happens off the field. Instead, they will be more interested in what happens on it.

So for the good of the team and manager, the clubs supporters should, for now, buckle themselves in, and attempt to enjoy the roller coaster ride that is Manchester United, because it looks as if the current situation will be looming over the club for a few more months to come.

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