Time for this Manchester United legend to call it a day?

Manchester United fans over the past months have voiced their concerns and fears over the performances of Gary Neville. It was Gary Neville’s recent performance against West Brom that has left fans wondering what the future holds for the right back. Even though it is clear that Neville’s best days are behind him, his commitment to Manchester United can’t be called into question.

What cannot be forgotten with Gary Neville is the consistency he has shown since his debut in the Premier League. Without a doubt he has been up there as one of the league’s all time greats, and will go down in that same vein with the Manchester United faithful. Without a doubt, Neville has proved himself as one of the world’s top full backs over the years, though not every fan’s cup of tea, he must be shown a great deal of respect.

The question is where does his future lie? Does he carry on at Manchester United, turning in poor performances or does he call it a day before his legacy is called into question? It would be very difficult for me to make that decision for him, but Manchester United fans seem to have made up their minds. Would any Manchester United or any other fan for that matter think any less of the player if he was to accept that his best days are behind him and retire from first team duties?

What Neville offers Manchester United off the pitch is a love for the club. The former England full back has a love for the club that sometimes has gone over the top, but football is a passionate game. Players in the youth setup and signings know how important Manchester United is because of players like Neville. It is this that sets him apart from others at the club. Gary Neville has a certain standard, and players are constantly striving to meet that level. For a youngster, is there a better example to have around the club?

Gary Neville will go down as one of the great Manchester United players. Fans are questioning whether he should play, not as a sign of disrespect, but is he good enough for a team now challenging for domestic and European success? Unfortunately for Neville it seems that his time is probably up. Nobody can doubt his passion for the game and the club he loves. A vast amount of respect has to go to the man for battling back from injury to play again – lesser players may have thrown in the towel. It may be time for Neville to hang up his boots but he should not leave the club. Manchester United need a player of his experience about the place and without doubt he must be seen as an inspiration for younger players.

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