Time for Tottenham to adopt their own bold transfer moves

As the Luka Modric saga takes yet another twist with the player claiming he has been threatened with reserve team football it is now time for Daniel Levy to be bold once more.  This time in the transfer market.

The Tottenham Chairman insists he does not want to dismantle the current playing squad and is adamant that he will not sell the clubs best players at any cost.  But if Levy genuinely wants to build and maintain a team capable of challenging for top honors then now will become the defining time under his stewardship.  Other clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea are all investing vast sums of money towards improving their playing squads.  In order to maintain momentum Levy now needs to decide if Spurs are financially capable of doing the same, not just to keep up with the Jones’ but to surpass them.

Such intent in the transfer market is not required as contingency to Modric’s departure but to show the player and all of those around him that together they can achieve their footballing ambitions at Tottenham Hotspur.  The Chairman needs to forget for the moment about reducing the current squad size, fringe players can be offloaded as and when the right offers come in.   I say to Levy that Now is the time to show our ambition by identifying and securing the long-term targets that will take this club to where it wants to be.  Now is the time to be brave, to be bold, to truly define your time with our great football club – to dare is to do!