Time he kept his nose out of Tottenham’s affairs

pavlyuchenko_hiddinkFootball FanCast guest columnist Lee Hadfield is fed up with Guus’ continued interference with regards to Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Despite his roots and connections with them lot in West London, I have always had respect for Guus Hiddink for his views and the way he conducted himself as a coach and the way he gets his teams playing. It is amazing how quickly you go off someone, especially when he continually feels the need to pass judgment on a certain Tottenham player.

It has been relentless and Hiddink has become something of a scratch record with his persistent talk about Roman Pavlyuchenko and how he needs to be playing regularly in order to fulfil his world cup dream. Perhaps he should keep his opinion to himself and subsequently stop messing with the player’s head.

Hiddink said: “I’m seriously concerned about his position at Spurs,

“Perhaps he should think about how he can get more playing time”

Before going on to add:

“But despite all his problems with match practice, Roman has special qualities: in almost every match he has one or two chances to score, and he often takes them.

“Therefore, we shouldn’t exclude him from the national team completely. If the match against Slovenia is not going our way, Pavlyuchenko should get his chance.”

Pavlyuchenko’s agent came out last week and talked about the fact that his client’s problem was not the lack of match practice, but psychological and the fact he doesn’t feel wanted. I personally find it difficult to believe that Tottenham are shunning the player, not giving him the opportunity and given his performance in the last three games I would say that the reason for Pav’s mental state is more to do with what the likes of Guus Hiddink are feeding his mind with on what appears to be now a weekly basis. Perhaps if he encouraged him to get his head down at Tottenham, assure him of his place in the squad (after all he keeps saying how invaluable he is to Russia) then perhaps this player, who supposedly has a weak mind will be in the right frame of mind to not only represent the club who pays his wages, but subsequently his country.