Time the real Dimitar Berbatov stood up?

Dimitar Berbatov is one of the most gifted players in the Premier League. His first touch especially is one of the best I have seen in football. The Bulgarian is capable of sublime football, but his languid playing style does not do him any favours when he is not scoring goals. After watching the tireless exploits of Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez, Berbatov’s perceived lack of effort can be galling for Manchester United supporters. He has not as of yet, endeared himself to the United faithful, but perhaps this season he can turn all that around. Whilst many were calling for Berbatov’s departure, Sir Alex Ferguson has kept faith in the striker he paid £30 million for. It is now or never for Berbatov, if he does not perform this season he will surely be shown the exit door. If he does perform, Manchester United may have a new fan’s favourite on their hands.

When he was at Tottenham Hotspur, Dimitar Berbatov was an icon for the fans. For the two years he was there he was arguably Spurs’ best player, also guiding the club to the Carling Cup triumph in in 2008. When he signed for Manchester United that summer, there were eyebrows raised over the price-tag but not over the player’s quality. However, in his two seasons at Man Utd Berbatov has not replicated the same form he did at Spurs, and nor have the fans taken him to their hearts as they did at White Hart Lane. This could be due to a number of factors. At Tottenham he was the main man, every player was looking for him. At Man Utd this has not been the case, Berbatov has often had to play second fiddle to Wayne Rooney and the Bulgarian has found it more difficult to dominate the play as he did at Spurs. The pressure is also immense at United, after coming in for such a hefty fee great things would have been expected of Berbatov. He has not achieved this and as a result the burden gets heavier and heavier as fans demand more and get on the players back. Of course a player of Dimitar Berbatov’s quality should be able to deal with this, but it is clear he has found the pressure difficult to take.

The striker is by no means beyond redemption however. Berbatov has ridiculous ability and he will know that if he wants to make it at Man Utd, he absolutely has to do it this season. Ferguson has kept faith in him when others have not and it is time to repay this. I for one think Dimitar Berbatov will do just that this season. He is one of the most talented players in the Premiership and he can play a crucial role in Man Utd’s quest to regain their league crown. Berbatov is more than capable of scoring goals, he has superb close control and when he is on song is ice cold in front of goal. He can also set up his fair share of goalscoring chances, he is excellent at passing and can hold the ball up well. The ability to score and create goals is a rare one, but it is a skill that Berbatov undoubtedly possesses. If he can perform to the best of his ability, Berbatov could be one of the stars of the season, and he will have a big part to play if Man Utd are to regain the Premier League title.

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