Time to revamp the January window so to avoid this annual circus?

I’ve noted before that I’m not a huge fan of the transfer window system. I’m sure I’m not alone in this view. Smaller clubs don’t like the window system because it fails to offer the flexibility that a developing side often requires. What happens when your best striker gets ruled out for the season in September and you have to make it through to January without the option to bring in reinforcements?

Surely this system only benefits clubs who already have well developed squads? It’s another means by which the Premier League can maintain the status quo.

Since the transfer system currently in place isn’t likely to change any time soon, it looks like we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got. But wouldn’t the transfer window work better if some serious constraints were placed against it?

One of the major problems with the January transfer window is the media circus that results from it. The press creates rumour after rumour, often unsettling players and affecting their development in a negative manner. Will Andy Carroll be able to focus entirely on Newcastle United when he knows he has the likes of Chelsea keeping tracks on him? Will Ashley Young be able to focus on Aston Villa with the knowledge that his dream club – Spurs, are seriously weighing up making an offer for his services?

The trouble is the January transfer window is too much of an event. What’s more, it’s way too drawn out. Why do clubs require the whole month of January to make their transfers? A large percentage of deals are started and completed in the last few days of the window. So why not reduce the window to a fortnight, or even a week?

This would encourage more foresight and future planning amongst clubs who would be forced to complete their negotiations with less freedom than was previously available. The number of spurious bids placed would decrease as the brevity of the window would allow for only the most essential bids. As such, I don’t believe a shorter window would encourage reckless spending.

The press would only be able to use the weeks running up to the window and the week itself to whip up rumours and attempt to unsettle players. It’s tough to make an event out of something that’s over and done so quickly.

The January transfer window was only ever supposed to be a stopgap solution – why not treat it as one?

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