Time to scrap this transfer circus?

Every single transfer window, supporters in the Premier League seem to crave signings, expecting a number of players to come into the club and take them on to the next level. Players that come into a side in a transfer window always feel they have something to prove, whether it be repay the price tag or prove the doubters wrong.

If a club is playing well then what is the need for mid-season signings. I can understand a side in the bottom three feeling the need for something new but shouldn’t the summer signings and existing players be given a season to prove their worth? Historically, January signings are not as influential as the summer signings and there are many reasons for that.

A summer signing will have a pre-season with a new club behind him and time to get to know his new team mates and club before competitive matches, where he is ultimately judged. A January signing will have less than a week to train with the first team squad sometimes and learn how the club is run, something that is tough in any line of work, especially football with thousands of people watching you each week.

The price of a player will also increase during January as clubs become desperate to land their preferred signings. An example of a signing such as Andy Carroll moving to Liverpool for £35million last January should be brought up in every board room after Christmas, highlighting the dangers of the January transfer market. Carroll’s lack of form could be to do with anything from moving to a new city, feeling the pressure of the price tag or getting used to the style of a different club.

Supporters should not expect big singings at the start of the New Year as it is not always a good idea to disrupt and add to a squad throughout the season. Is the grass always greener when new signings arrive? Spending money is becoming rare for some Premier League clubs and it should not take spending to satisfy fans who demand new blood in the dressing room.

The future of English football could also be in danger from transfer window’s that let clubs bring in players for two months of the season, seemingly dismissing youngsters looking to break through into the first team. If the January transfer window did not exist, I guarantee that more youngsters would be a success in English football. Long term injuries and poor form could prompt clubs into making unnecessary big money signings in January, whereas it would be a lot more refreshing to see youngsters getting a first team chance at the highest level.

If the club allows youngsters to play as cover for the 25-man squad that is registered then that is surely enough players to not have to indulge in spending money half way through a campaign. Give the youngsters a go and get rid of the January transfer window to enable English football to be fair through the season and giving youngsters a well earned break.


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