Time Tottenham star put himself out of his misery

Tottenham striker Robbie KeaneRobbie Keane’s hunt for a new club reminds me of an advert where an owner is looking to offload their pet somewhere: ‘Wanted – a loving home for a striker who we no longer have room for.’ It’s all been a little sad really, because he was once a much wanted man. So where has it all gone wrong for the Tottenham forward?

I think the easiest explanation is Liverpool. Keane was offered the chance to join one of the biggest clubs in the world and he just couldn’t resist. In all fairness to him, not many strikers would have turned them down. But it never really happened for him, well it never did at all. His all too brief spell at Anfield not only lowered his stock, but seemingly lowered his confidence as well.

On return to Spurs, we all expected him to pick up from where he left off. The goal-scoring hero, the captain of the side and the driving force. But times change and so did Spurs. He now finds himself down the pecking order, out of favour and unwanted.

But surely he couldn’t have just lost all that ability? We can’t forget just how good he has been for most of his former clubs. Ask any Wolves fan who they want to see the club sign this season to help them stay in the Premier League and you’ll only get one answer.

So maybe that is the problem. At 30 and not scoring, Keane is no longer an attractive option to some of the top clubs but the teams like Wolves and Stoke, who have also expressed an interest, do recognise that he is still a good striker. The problem they face, just as Birmingham found out last week, is Keane still considers himself one of the best thus prices himself out of a move to the lower tier of the Premier League’s cliental.

It’s time he woke up and realised that if he is to continue asking for excessive wages, he will carry on warming the White Hart Lane bench and potentially could go stale. It would be a shame as Keane has the ability to be a big player once more, it would just be at a smaller club.

He would be a legend if he scored the goals at Wolves that kept them in the league. What about Aston Villa? They’re on a roll, his goals could propel them further up the league and into Europa League places contention.

Keane has options but only if he recognises that he is no longer a player worthy of the wages he asks for. Time to find a new home, Robbie.