Time For Mandaric To Sort Out This Leicester Mess!

FanCast columnist Holly King is grown tired of the constant inconsistencies of Leicester City’s performances and feels it now time for Milan Mandaric to get the right management team in place sooner rather than later.

“Gerry sort it out”, was sung by the Leicester City faithful at the Walkers stadium on Saturday against Burnley. Feels that’s the only thing we sing lately, someone sort it out. I didn’t think the week could get any worse to be honest; a terrible passionless display at Deepdale on Tuesday was followed by an even worse performance at home. Apparently it was possible for the week to become worse.

Sometimes you come away from games and say it’s the worst game you have ever watched and I know many people did as they left the ground on Saturday. The game was bad and so was the atmosphere, we got on their backs rather than getting behind them, but its hard to be supportive when you don’t enjoy what your watching and don’t agree with the starting team or formation.

Obviously never having beaten Burnley at home we weren’t expecting to much but those who went to Preston were expecting something better, but we were disappointed as per usual.¬†We all ask the same question, why can we go to Stamford Bridge and Villa Park and play some great football yet we fail with the everyday rigours of the league campaign. Nobody can answer it not even the players or our stand in management team. The team that played against Preston and Burnley wasn’t too dissimilar to the team we played at Stamford Bridge so how come there was such a difference in the play? I wish someone knew the answer as I find it more annoying than being stuck in a similar championship position for the past three years.

International break and we have the opportunity to get out there and find a manager and get the team sorted, but no. Mandaric has decided he is going on holiday and he always says he has the interests of the club at heart, well in my opinion at this current time he doesn’t, a holiday for himself defiantly isn’t in the best interests of OUR club.

I know I’m not alone in this feeling either. Having listened to Radio Leicester after the game and City Legend Stevie Walsh was doing a phone in; a few people said how maybe Mandaric wasn’t the man for our club and how he will be the one who ends up probably destroying us. Personally I’m not sure I agree he will destroy us, but I do feel he needs to actually think about the club and fans rather than just saying that that’s all he thinks about.

Going back to our club; that’s what Steve Walsh is about, 14 years as a player and also a City fan, what more could you ask for in a manager? Well I would love him to be the right man for the job as he cares about the club more than anyone else, but he is never going to be given the opportunity. I feel he would be a great asset to the coaching setup as we need someone who can instil the passion and fight into the team that is so clearly lacking at this point.

How long will we have to wait though? Will we have to wait weeks before we find the stability and drive the club needs, or will Mandaric hurry up and make a managerial appointment before we drop more points and face yet another relegation battle?

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