Time Spurs knocked this insatiable habit on the head

Football FanCast guest columnist George Dennis will be sad to see Darren Bent leave, but wishes him well.

It is fair to say that Darren Bent's impending departure is unlikely to see Spurs fans organising a mass demo at WHL, burning their season tickets in protest, but a little part of me feels sorry for the guy and generally believe he has always been given the thin end of the wedge. Bent was never had any faith instilled in him both on the pitch and among the supporters and was always deemed the poor relation in our striking set-up.

While it was understandable on his arrival that he would initially have to play second fiddle to both Berbatov and Keane, you did feel with their departures, plus that of Defoe's, that last season would be the opportunity for him to come into his own and take the lead role. For whatever reason he wasn't afforded that opportunity and despite his goals per game ratio being half decent, he was continually left out in the cold by Redknapp. At the end of the day he was never given a chance at Tottenham and I wouldn't be surprised if his departure will come back to haunt us.

We seem to have this insatiable habit, at Tottenham, of writing players off far too quickly if they don't hit the ground running. What worries me is that it tends to be the big money signings who we tend to have the least amount of patience with therefore fiscally it makes little sense. As well as Bent, the large majority would like to see and will expect both Bentley and Pavlyuchenko to join him out of the door and we as a football club have to ask the question as to whether we looked to get the best out of the £45m+ that was invested on the trio. We have got to start getting some stability and sensible buying at this club, because we cannot afford long term to be so wasteful, I mean is any wonder that Harry has to sell before he can buy?


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