Top 10 managers’ quotes of the season

Over this season there has been a lot of memorable soundbytes said by various managers, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 in no particular order:

1. Jose Mourinho: “I’m very happy at Inter, I’m not happy in Italian football….because I don’t like it and they don’t like me, simple.”

The newly appointed Real Madrid coach churns out another classic here. After we had his comments about him being the special one, Arsene Wenger being a voyeur and omelettes whilst at Chelsea, Mourinho gave what was his clearest indication that he was going to leave Inter after this season. Having had a horrendous time with the press in Italy, ‘The Special One’ made his feelings clear on the eve of Inter Milan’s Champions League quarter-final against CSKA Moscow in his own unique way as he often does.

2. Rafa Benitez: “I guarantee 4th”

Under pressure? Scared of losing your job? Then what better way to attempt to alleviate it by making a false promise to reassure fans and the board room. Well that’s just what Benitez did this season, after Liverpool looked to be fading out of the final Champions League place Benitez confidently proclaimed that there was nothing to worry about and that Liverpool will finish 4th. So just how did that go Rafa?

3. Sir Alex Ferguson: “Typical Germans”

What a way to reinforce the idea of English-German xenophobia by accusing the opposition of purposely trying to get one of your players sent off. Well this was Fergie’s answer to the post-match interview of Manchester United’s game against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, make of it what you will.

4. Arsene Wenger: “For me there is two major trophies in England, winning the Premier League and getting in the top 4”

If we used this logic then Arsenal’s trophy cabinet definitely wouldn’t be in the state it’s in now. Perhaps in Wenger’s world finishing in the top 4 every season for a club like Arsenal is a great achievement but I doubt the fans are happy having not won anything in five years.

5. Ian Holloway: “I love Blackpool. We’re very similar. We both look better in the dark.”

Another classic from promotion winning manager, Ian Holloway. Clearly settled in to his new job, Holloway probably has visited the famous pier on a few occassions now. Of course at night is where all the fun starts and is the real attraction of the city, as for Holloway, well at least he isn’t as visible.

6. Carlo Ancelotti: “I am willing to pay a forfeit if I do, even to run around the training ground naked!”

The Chelsea manager had such faith in his Chelsea team and the small matter of a transfer embargo that he declared this forfit should he sign a single player. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, ‘Thank God he didn’t get the checkbook out’.

7. Ian Holloway: “How can you be injured and be dancing? I like a dance with anybody but it’s got to be the right time and when you’re in a good mood. I’m not in a good mood when I lose and neither should they be.”

After learning that three of his Blackpool players went for a night out following a home defeat to Leicester, albeit injured; Holloway wasn’t in a good mood at all but showed his displeasure the only way he can with his unique twist on the subject.

8. Harry Redknapp: “ I was really looking forward to it[a replay], I thought it would be a good idea with a minute to go. I thought we’d give them a goal, because I’d like to go to Elland Road on a Tuesday night, I haven’t been up there for a few years.”

When asked a silly question by a journalist, if Redknapp didn’t want a replay in the FA Cup against Leeds, ‘Arry responded with his usual charm and sarcasm by stating that he couldn’t wait to play Leeds. Maybe the journalist will think about his question properly next time.

9. Carlo Ancelotti: “Easy questions please, because my level of wine is high! I don’t know if I’ll be able to go home.”

After winning the title in his first season at Stamford Bridge, Carlo Ancelotti celebrates in style by getting on the rosé.

10.Roberto Mancini: (in Italian) “I’ll be learning English by watching Coronation Street”

During his unveiling as Man City manager, Mancini was asked by an Italian journalist how he would go about improving his English. Perhaps that is why the Citizens didn’t make 4th spot, when he should have been working on his tactics he got distracted with the goings on in the Street.

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