Top 10 Most Heated Matches in England

Today we have a look at the Premier League’s Top 10 most heated match ups. This countdown has everything from Hooliganism to boycotted breakfast cereal. Now it’s inevitable that some teams do not feature, they weren’t forgotten. So let’s see who made it!

10. Arsenal Vs. Manchester United:

Firstly, starting off our countdown with a huge bang, we have Arsenal vs. Manchester United. Who can forget Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane’s exchange in the tunnel prior to kick off? United were still smarting from Arsenal’s unbeaten season, and Arsenal were still smarting from United ending that unbeaten run in acrimonious circumstances the previous October. That game itself had a little extra curricular activity, with Cesc Fabregas showing early signs of his simply charming personality by (must say ‘apparently’ here) throwing pizza of all things at Sir Alex Ferguson. What a way to kick off our Premier League top 10 most heated match ups. This game had it all!

9. Next up we have Tottenham Hotspur against Arsenal. These two teams have played out some truly memorable encounters. During the 2005/2006 season the rivalry intensified as the campaign threw up n engaging finale as the two clubs battled it out for fourth place. The outcome went to the final day when Spurs, hit by food poisoning, lost to West Ham and Arsenal triumphed to finish two points above their rivals and deny them a Champions League berth.

8. Swansea vs. Cardiff is another encounter that never fails to entertain. The question remains why? Is it Swansea’s inferiority complex as they remain the countries second city, or is it because in 1965 the Swans annihilated their rivals Cardiff 5-0? This match has always been tainted by not only on field competition but by “off field violence leading to away fans being banned from the fixture for many years.” Check out this clip to get a sample of the rivalry between the two clubs.

7. One of the oldest derbies in the world is the ‘Black Country Derby’ fought out between West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers. This rivalry is said to be so fierce because the competition goes much deeper than football. For that reason it is perhaps no surprise that it came out top in the Football Rivalries Report 2008.

6. This next fixture has amassed the most amount of red cards than any other in English football history. With Everton and Liverpool football clubs in such close proximity it comes as no surprise that these two clubs have developed such a rivalry. It must be said that the rivalry between these two clubs goes beyond their close location. The rivalry between the clubs, and the divide between the fans, is always ferocious and passionate and the matches always reflect that. Look how much it means to the fans as Everton score in the dying minutes of extra time to take them through to the next round of the FA Cup.

5. The rivalry known as ‘The Roses Rivalry’ is between Manchester United and Leeds United. “The name of the rivalry is derived from the historic Wars of the Roses which was carried out between the House of Lancaster and the House of York” It is fair to say that the intensity of this rivalry is just as fierce on the pitch as it is off. “During the 1970s when British football hooliganism was at its height, the fights between Leeds’ Service Crew and Manchester United’s Red Army, two of the most notorious hooligan firms in Britain, became known as some of the most violent clashes in British football.” Even today there is high level security on match days proving that the rivalry is still and as tense as ever.

4. Next up we have Newcastle vs. Sunderland. In light of yesterday’s game it is fair to say that this one of England’s biggest and most heated match ups. This rivalry is at once a historical one, however it is noted that some Newcastle fans refuse to buy bacon, because of its red-and-white appearance and some Mackems boycott a particular breakfast cereal, because of the Newcastle-orientated marketing of its brand.

3. Who can forget Keegan’s famous outburst prior to Newcastle United’s match against Manchester United? It was during the race for the 1995–96 title that Keegan famously directed remarks at the Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson during an interview on live television. You can see how much this match up meant to Newcastle Boss Keegan in this clip

2. West Ham and Millwall both originated in London’s East End. They have one of the most bitter and longstanding rivalries in English football history “starting in the early years of the 20th century between rival dockers at two London shipyards on either side of the Thames.” Even to this day the rivalry is still as fierce and bitter, during a league cup game in 2009 tempers flared, there were three pitch invasions, violent clashes between supporters and horrifically one fan was stabbed and left fighting for his life. Check out these match highlights to see the ill feeling between the two sets of supporters!

1. Finalising our count down we have the ferocious and bitter rivalry between England’s two most celebrated Football Clubs. Liverpool and Manchester United’s rivalry “can be considered as a manifestation of one which already had existed between the two cities since industrial times. During this time both were competing with each other for supremacy of the north-west” On the field the rivalry is even fiercer, Gary Neville, die hard united fan and player has never hid his emotions. In 2006 Neville was berated by Liverpool fans for his role in celebrating in front of the kop, kissing the crest on his jersey and appearing to shout angrily towards the fans. The look of passionate hate on his face led to an FA review.

So as I previously said some teams have not made it onto the count down so why not leave comments and bring them to the attention of everyone.

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