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Top 10 one-foot wonders!

Practice using both feet, you won’t become a footballer if you don’t!!….The wise words of every football coach around the country to children. The problem is, if any of them take a look at this list then they will answer back with ‘Why do you need two feet when you can do it with one’….Look!

Ryan Giggs

Arguably one of the most talented left feet in World Football. Giggs was the original ‘winger’. A true legend in the game who terrorised many right backs week in week out. Depsite losing his pace, he still brings out the left ‘wand’ to create magic at Old Trafford. Sadly, his right foot is not quite as good. The Old Trafford faithful will remember the time where, after rounding David Seaman, Giggs managed to miss the open goal and send his right foot shot over the bar. Oops!

David Beckham

Bend it like Beckham! Certainly not as easy as that though. Beckham’s right foot is one of the most famous of all time. His ability to deliver a cross or set-piece has taken him to some of the biggest club’s in the World. Don’t seem to recall him having the same ability with his left though. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing him kick the ball with his left foot. Does he even have a left leg?!

Aaron Lennon

Why does Aaron Lennon always manage to get to the byline? Because he is so reluctant to come inside onto his left-foot. Can’t say it has worked out too badly for the Spurs winger and England fans will be hoping he can regain fitness for the World Cup. Just imagine what he could do if he improve his left foot!

Leo Messi

Do I really need to explain this one? Probably the most talented left-foot since Maradona. Think that sums that one up!

Roberto Carlos

Thunder thighs himself deserves a place in this list. The Brazilian legend sent to World into shock with his physics-defying free-kick against France, and did so again when volleying from almost behind the goal for Real Madrid. His free-kick ratio thereon may not have been so good but it should not count against his magical left foot. The original ‘full back’, he spent more time in the opposition half than he did his own. So much power in that left leg!


A debatable addition to this list. Guti is a master of the pass. Having fallen out with Real Madrid manager Manuel Pelligrini, Guti was reinstated in the Madrid midfield and went on to notch 5 assists in as many games. To be a Real Madrid first team player for 15 years can only speak volumes about his ability. Proven in the deft back-heel with set-up Karim Benzema against Deportivo. If you haven’t seen it, you need to!

Arjen Robben

If Aaron Lennon is the right-footed example, Robben is certainly the left foot equivalent. His goal against Fiorentina was a perfect example. Having picked the ball up on the right wing, Robben came inside a number of players, running across half the pitch, cutting on to his left foot and unleashing an unstoppable left foot strike from 25 yards out. One foot, but what a foot it is!


The bandy legged Brazilian is somewhat of a forgotten player these days. While people talk about the likes of Pele, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo as Brazilian legends, some forget this guy. In fact, I’ve heard very little about him for the past few years. It might be something to do with the fact that he is playing in the Uzbek league. A two year contract worth nearly 10million Euros might have something to do with that decision!


One foot and a strong hand. Jokes aside, Maradona set the World a light and set the standard for years to come. Behind the controversy was a player who will be remembered forever. A left foot made of glue, as was his ability to dribble the ball. Easy to see the comparisons with Messi.

Gheorghe Hagi

Possibly the greatest ever Eastern European player. Hagi was a real number 10. His long range goals have become YouTube legend and still provide great viewing to this day. A legend at Galatasaray and of course a Uefa Cup winner with them in 2000. The ‘super left foot’ as he is known to some in Istanbul will live long in the memory.

Any glaring omissions?

Article title: Top 10 one-foot wonders!

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