Top 5 Ridiculous Football Fads

Footballers are not renowned for their trend setting abilities and being on the cutting edge of what is cool, particularly in the ’80s.

We have seen mullets, shorts getting that little bit shorter and as we evolved into the Premier League era little was to really change on that front.

Patrick Vieira brought the slapping a lump of Vicks onto the front of the shirt, Robbie Fowler had the nose plaster and more recently Gareth Bale has found some use for electrical tape, other than to protect wires within your home.

So as a homage to all that is truly naff and has graced the land of football (and an excuse to use the phrase business at the front, party at the back), here’s five of the most ridiculous football fads of all time…

[ffcvideo file=’Football_fads’]