Top 5 Worst Arsenal Kits of all time?

Right, I know what you’re thinking. Arsenal are sponsered by Nike, and have had some of the better kits in recent history, they can’t possibly have had five bad kits. Well guess what, they have. In fact, they’ve had some shockers. Whilst this list is confined in the most part to the away strips, even style icons Nike have managed to mess up the simple task of a nice red home strip. Therefore, lets take a walk down memory lane, and take a look at some of Arsenal’s worst fashion faux-pas…

1. Arsenal home shirt, 1994-1996

I don’t know what it was about that kit, I just didn’t like it. Ok it’s not the most offensive Arsenal shirt ever manufactured, but how can you mess up a plain red and white shirt? This was worn between 1994-96, and was Nike’s first attempt at an Arsenal home shirt. Apparently Nike wanted the kit to have red sleeves too. Although disaster was averted, this shirt was still ugly. The collar was too high, too tight, and Ian Wright hated it so much he started wearing the round neck training shirt in matches-enough said.

2. Arsenal away shirt, 1995/96

I don’t understand this one really. What were Nike thinking? ‘I know what we’ll do, we’ll put lightning bolts down the shirt. The opposition will be super scared of us, and we’ll win the league’.

Actually, when this kit was worn during the the 1995/96, it was so bad, Dennis Bergkamp would take most of the season trying to overcome the shock.

3. Arsenal away shirt, 1982/83

Green? Why green? When have Arsenal ever worn green throughout their long illsustrious history. Arsenal never won an away game when wearing this kit in the 1982/83 season, and the I’m not surprised, considering they look like they are dressed in camouflage on the pitch. No wonder nobody wants to wear Umbro anymore.

4.  Arsenal away shirt, 2002/03

Again, this kit is just bemusing. If you have to manufacture a blue Arsenal shirt, at least make it a good’n. There’s just too much going on here. The Blue-white fade in the middle is a bit mucky, and there are too many different sort of blues for one Arsenal shirt. At least the Gunners managed to win the FA Cup the season they wore this shirt in the 2002/03 season.

5. Arsenal away shirt, 1991-1993

This little Adidas number is truly the mother of bad Arsenal kits. It literally looks like someone at Nike had one too many slim line vodka tonics and parked a leopard all over the prototype Arsenal shirt, only to hail it a masterpiece.

The early nineties has a lot to answer for, wot wiv those shell suits and New Kids on the Block, but this Arsenal¬† shirt really is an abomination. However, Arsenal did manage to win the FA Cup and League Cup double in 1993 whilst this shirt was still in circulation, so it wasn’t all bad. In fairness, the opposition were probably just worried about getting sick down them.

Well there you have it. Arsenal have had some pretty terrrible kits, and here are five of the worst. However, there might be some real fashionistas out there who feel that the green 1982 kit was simply ahead of its time, or think the 1991 bruised banana look needs to be reintroduced. If so, feel free to get involved in the comment box below…

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