Top TEN Football Dives Of All Time – PART TWO

Football blogs- Top ten divesThere is nothing that irritates Premier League fans more than players diving to the ground as if they have been hit by a sniper rifle. Yet some attempts at conning the referee are so ridiculous that you cannot help but laugh. Following on from yesterday’s part one, enjoy ten more of the most embarrassing below-

El-Hadji Diouf v Blackburn

Not even El-Hadji Diouf’s manager Sam Allardyce could justify the Senegalese striker’s dive to win a penalty against Blackburn in 2005. Simply conceding:

“He’s been doing it all his life.” Well fair enough then.

[youtube RiBXMPkYfXI]

Didier Drogba v Liverpool

Chelsea’s Ivorian striker Didier Drogba continues to defy the laws of physics with his inability to stay on his feet in and around the penalty area. Although this has improved slightly in recent seasons.

As one of the league’s most blatant offenders, strong as an ox Drogba continues to baffle fans with his constant theatrics. This collapse against Liverpool is one of the worst-

[youtube GgbU2zejzgk]

Cristiano Ronaldo v Blackburn

Having already earnt a reputation for being cocky and arrogant, Portuguese winker Cristiano Ronaldo does himself no favours by constantly throwing himself on the floor before glancing, wide-eyed in the direction of the referee.

Ronaldo dived so much throughout his Premier League years that he could easily have a whole top ten all to himself. Diving is considered to be part and parcel of the game in Spain and Ronaldo will fit in perfectly with the top La Liga diving experts.

[youtube LJZVd4Zsv8Y]

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Oleksandr Aliyev v Arsenal

Here’s Dynamo Kyiv’s former attacker Oleksandr Aliyev rolling around on the ground before spotting that nobody was taking any notice of him and promptly getting back on his feet.

The ITV commentator sums up his embarrassing behaviour perfectly by saying: “I’m sorry mate you’ve been caught!”

[youtube VzeKiEtp0m0]

Knut Fostervold

Former Grimsby defender Knut Fostervold should have won an award for this brilliant piece of acting while playing for Molde FK.

After being struck in the face, Fostervold delays his swan dive for a few seconds before launching himself to the ground in emphatic fashion. His dive was brilliantly parodied by Villa striker John Carew in a later match.

[youtube WwST-t-YyCs]

Morten Gamst Pedersen v Arsenal

Even Match of the Day host Gary Lineker had to laugh at Blackburn Rovers midfielder Morten Gamst Pedersen pathetic dive against Arsenal.

The Norwegian winger even looked around to see the referee’s position before throwing himself onto the deck, despite Bacary Sagna being nowhere near him.

[youtube 0I8p_CRR3Bk]
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Dida v Celtic

With seconds remaining in Celtic’s 2-1 win over AC Milan in 2007, a home fan ran onto the pitch taunting Brazilian goalkeeper Dida before giving him a light tap on the shoulder.

The stopper gave chase before being blown over by a gust of wind and falling to the floor. Dida then waited for a stretcher to carry him off the field before holding an ice pack to his eye in what was surely the most ridiculous dive ever seen in football.

[youtube DZviLX37sMY]

Unknown v America
A youth game between Alt Juniors and America in South America produced a dive of epic proportions despite there being aroung three metres between the attacker and last defender.

Despite also being offside the referee actually awards the utterly ridiculous penalty decision.

[youtube UP2SiBJO6tE]

David N’Gog v Birmingham

French youngster David N’Gog was accused by Birmingham of cheating to win a penalty for his side last season with a tumble in the penalty area.

“I was absolutely nowhere near him,” an enraged Carsley said. “It’s a joke. I’m sure he [Ngog] has got a family, well if I went home having done that, I’d be embarrassed.

[youtube vpYyfrP84BI]

Steven Taylor v Aston Villa

After finding himself stuck in no mans land with striker Darius Vassell bearing down on goal, Newcastle defender knew his only option to keep the ball out was with his hands.

Yet to disguise his skulduggery, Taylor subsequently clutched his chest as if he had been shot, before slowly slumping to his knees. His acting was woeful however and he was immediately shown a red card.

[youtube vl3HnU0HOhk]

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