The Top TEN Footballing Music disasters

I think the phrase ‘stick to what you do best’ applies to footballers when they decide to try their hand at singing. Whether it be an FA Cup final song, World Cup anthem or a plain old attempt at getting into the charts players have failed notoriously to produce a tune that veers away from the term cringeworthy. The 1980’s and 90’s were a breeding ground for cheesy pop songs and barely understandable raps and it was all too common in that era to see tone deaf footballers swapping the field for the recording studio. The  music videos were slightly worse especially those made in the 80’s where mullets were all the rage and sequinned shirts were adorned by any pop star desperate to make a name for themselves. Even the nineties rap boom become a breeding ground for footballers to stand under the microphone and spew out some trashy lyrics about how they score goals and drive expensive cars. Lets not forget it was all in good humour and a lot of the songs were released to benefit charities but I don’t think my ears will EVER recover from some of the monstrous cheese grater voices. However it’s always nice to have a quick youtube search and have a good chuckle at the musically challenged footballers.

Prepare your eyes and ears ladies and gentleman for the very best…or worst Footballing Music disasters.

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