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Top TEN funniest football chants of recent times

We all know that the best part of the week is when Saturday comes and we get that football feeling. What’s even better than that is actually going to a game. You get that buzz inside you, putting on your colours and eating the statutory pie and chips covered in either gravy or curry sauce, depending on which half of the country you’re from.

Other than watching your side, the best part about being at a game though is cheering your team on and laughing at some of the funny chants echoing around every ground in the country. I’m starting to think that football fans don’t get enough credit for our level of intelligence, because every season the new songs seem to get more ridiculous than the last. The top teams get a lot of stick for their home support resembling a library, but away from home even they know how to have a good time. Arsenal fans have been known to ‘go mental’ at half time at various stadiums and Manchester United make one hell of a racket on the road.

But with fans coming up with new chants about their favourite players and rival clubs, I started to wonder what were the funniest ones? For the sake of publication, I had to straight away discount any which used some choice language, and opted for 10 of the more cleaner songs. So here are my top 10 funny Premier League songs at the moment. The list doesn’t include many old songs or chants about former players (unless they really deserve it) as I’ve concentrated on the more modern of times. Feel free to add to the list at the bottom with some funny, but clean, songs from your club.


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Article title: Top TEN funniest football chants of recent times

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