Top TEN greatest own goals of our time

Over the years the footballing world has seen some amazing own goals, today we take a look at the very best through the years.

10. Starting us off we have an absolute howler of an own goal. This one occurred during an England match against Croatia and certainly warrants being in this top 10.

9. Now check out this own goal. This one is from a Crystal Palace v Portsmouth game, if this one had been at the correct end I think we all would have been talking about a potential goal of the century.

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8. During Leeds United’s match against Wolves, Alan Smith managed to squeeze in a delightful goal at the near post… However, it was at the wrong end and therefore makes my top ten.

7. Pepe Reina has to do better than this in his side’s encounter against Arsenal. The bumbling Spaniard just about throws the ball into his own net. What a plonker.

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6. Lee Dixon may now be one of the country’s favourite football pundits but he wasn’t a fan favourite after this own goal. I imagine the supporters saw the funny side though after this amazing finish.

5. Lauren, the much maligned former Arsenal full back, scored an absolute screamer during one of his side’s Premier League matches. The off balance defender volleyed the ball past his hapless ‘keeper to make it onto this top 10.

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4. Former Liverpool player John Arne Riise scored a belter into his own goal before his move to Italian side Roma. Riise certainly made up for it though scoring some absolute crackers during his time on Merseyside.

3. Even the best defenders are not immune to the odd howler. Once again Portsmouth are gifted another goal from the opposition. Check out how Rio Ferdinand slots the ball past his goalkeeper, what a cool and calm finish!

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2. Check out this own goal during Bolton’s game against Blackburn Rovers. A header from outside the box rarely beats the keeper, but look at this one. This OG thoroughly deserves the number 2 spot.

1. At number one and completing the top 10 we have Chris Brass’ comical yet superb own goal. The less said about this one the better, so sit back and enjoy.

So what do you think? Why not comment or remind me of any that I have missed, I’m sure there is a whole heap of them out there.


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