Top TEN Overrated Premier League Players

Manchester City and England's Gareth Barry and Joloen LescottEvery week Sky Sports keep telling us just how good the Premier League is, how it’s the best league in the world and they create plenty of hype around the English game. However there’s a reason why Super Sunday isn’t always that super and that’s because some of the players we’re constantly being told are the best to ever grace the game are no more than a decent footballers. Give Lionel Messi praise and Cristiano Ronaldo when he stays on his feet, but keep the use of the term ‘legend’ to a minimum. Every club has players that some fans think are the bee’s knees while other supporters would rather they were shipped out the door at the earliest opportunity. Here are ten of the most overrated players in the Premier League – good, but not great:

Click on image below to see the Top 10 Overrated PL Players:

Stoke striker Kenwyne Jones

Any glaring omissions? Feel free to add any worthy candidates in the comments below…