Top TEN Premier League goals EVER…well in my view

We have seen some fantastic goals since the start of the Premier League. Here I have put together my very own list of the Top 10. Le Tissier, Poyet, Rooney and even Erik Edman have all made it but which one do you think should be number one?

Gus Poyet v Sunderland

[youtube FkHm1QdF7kU]

Di Canio

[youtube vUh-NcHi5ug]



Rooney v Newcastle

[youtube OKplXAWFZrA]

Scholes v Villa

[youtube vQXrMbArqSs]



Yeboah v Liverpool

[youtube tDx-KUGVGMk]

Rose v Arsenal

[youtube 9r0clOtSRlo]



Matt Le Tissier v Newcastle

[youtube 7FCNyrYC7E8]

Cantona v Sunderland

[youtube 3vAOUgmRXsc]



Shearer v Everton

[youtube lOAyCHV2ql0]

Edman v Liverpool

[youtube wP7z7SXQnrY]

Any glaring omissons?

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