Top TEN Premier League tear-ups

The opening weekend of the Premier League season was overshadowed by one incident when Mr Controversy himself, Joey Barton, proceeded to drag the Ivorian to his feet and remonstrate at him for diving and trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Peter Walton.

Gervinho wasn’t best pleased and proceeded to attach himself to Barton with the Toon midfielder doing the same although more in the vicinity of the Arsenal man’s neck. Players from both sides streamed in and all of a sudden Barton flopped to the deck after Gervinho’s hand merely brushed his cheek with Steven Taylor exclaiming ‘HE’S ELBOWED HIM’ to anyone in the vicinity.

Not that i’m condoning this sort of behaviour but it’s human nature to get all giddy and excited when you see two players square up and clench their handbags tightly in their fists. In a majority of cases hilarity ensues as these so called men try to act tough but end up looking like a complete wally as the entire stadium attempts to stitch up the sides that have been split on witnessing the pathetic brawl.

There have been a fair few grapples down the years, some more suited to a comedy sketch and some that wouldn’t look out of place in an UFC ring. For some reason Arsenal are heavily prominent in this list yet are regarded as one of the cleanest clubs this world has ever seen…

Click on the famous Alcock/Di Canio spat to unveil the top 10 tear-ups


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