Arguably the TEN ‘tell-tale Signs’ of the modern Premier League Footballer

With the season nearly here and the summer transfer window in full swing, people are more obsessed by footballers than ever, both on and off the field than ever. Whilst we can tell exactly who they are on the field (mainly due to the name on the back of their shirt), off the field, should they wish to do so, it is entirely possible to lead a gossip and drama-free life – as players such as Paul Scholes and Gary Neville have shown us.

However, with more and more young footballers being pictured more often than not in the front pages as opposed to the back ones, people are hungrier than ever for gossip about players. They would have you believe that a modern day footballer is the very portrait of excess, what with the flashy cars and excessive bling on show. Whilst this does seem a tad unfair, it cannot be denied that there are a good few things we now link to footballers and could spot them a mile off if they are exhibiting more than a couple of them. Let’s take a look at the top ten signs that you are in the company of a Premier League footballer…

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