Top TEN – the ‘worst football rulings’ that need to change

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If you ask any football fan, they will always have certain issues and laws within the game that irk them more than others, and even when casting around for ideas on this feature, many different suggestions were put forward, including the rather humorous one that I should include ‘the way all refs favour Manchester United’ and whilst Ryan Babel may be nodding in agreement, I’m sure all the United fans reading this are dying to comment and disagree! In seriousness, football is the beautiful game, yet some of the ridiculous rulings imposed by governing bodies are stopping the full enjoyment of the game, and this needs to end.

So I have complied a list of the top ten rulings in football that range from just something people disagree on to the downright ludicrous that have all fans screaming in the standards and even the pundits in the studio shaking their heads.

Click on Howard Webb to unveil the top rulings that have to change


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