Top TEN ‘unwanted’ Premier League players

There are a surprising amount of players who are unwanted or unsettled at their current Premier League club. These players will have arrived with massive fanfare and probably with a large transfer fee however there time at the club has gone sour, usually due to the manager who brought them in leaving the club. Now they are on the fringes of the team and even in pre-season they are unable to give any reason why the new manager should keep them, meaning there future looks bleak there.

Man City have about eight players and £85 million worth of talent who are not required at the present time in the first team but with their astronomical salaries makes them hard to get rid of it. This is costing City £30 million a year in wages and unless they can offload the unwanted players there could be problems with squad morale. Although there will be relief that Jo has finally left the club.

Liverpool are in a very similar position with £30 million worth of wages wasted on players who have very little involvement in the first team but like City they are finding it difficult to transfer them out of the club. Benitez and Hodgson have left their mark with players who do not fit into Kenny’s new reign.

These unwanted players could move on to pastures new, either at another Premier League club, at another foreign team or even at a lower level, to ensure their career moves on and they don’t get left rotting in the reserves for another season with minimal involvement in cup competitions.

Here are the top ten players who are just not wanted at their current clubs… on Aquilani to reveal the selections

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