Top TEN weirdest football injuries

You may have heard about Jerome Boateng’s freak injury over the weekend. The Manchester City defender aggravated a knee injury when he was on a plane when a drinks trolley smashed into him. Football players of course, are no strangers to weird injuries and in this list we look at ten freak injuries that some unfortunate footballers have suffered…

1. Darius Vassell

Footballers are not generally renowned for high levels of intelligence and this is one reason why. The former England striker noticed a blood blister under the nail of his big toe and decided to use a drill to cure his ailment. Drilling into his toe in an attempt to remove the boil, Vassell got an infection and had to have his nail removed, he missed several games as a result.

2. Svein Grondalen

Not many have heard of Norwegian defender Svein Grondalen, but he has firmly inaugurated himself into the weird injury hall of fame. Training for a World Cup qualifier, Grondalen was taking a run in the woods when he collided with a Moose. Grondalen subsequently missed the game.

3. Chic Brodie

Brentford goalkeeper Chic Brodie suffered a bizarre injury in 1970, which would have very unfortunate consequences for the player. In a game against Colchester, a dog ran onto the pitch and crashed into the unlucky Brodie, breaking his kneecap in the process and sadly ending his professional career.

4. Kirk Broadfoot

Scotland international Kirk Broadfoot suffered one of the more ridiculous injuries in recent years. In 2009, the Rangers defender put some eggs in a microwave for a convenient snack. Unfortunately when he opened the door, the eggs exploded in his face and burned his cheek. I’ll leave the puns to you…

5. Santiago Canizares

One of the more famous ‘weird injuries’ was experienced by Spain goalkeeper Santiago Canizares. Shortly before the 2002 World Cup, Canizares was in his hotel bathroom when he dropped a bottle of aftershave onto his foot, severing a tendon in the process. Then first choice Canizares missed the tournament and Iker Casillas took his place.

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6. Darren Barnard

Former Wales full-back Darren Barnard invested in a new puppy in 1996, little did he know that it would cost him six months out on the sidelines. The said puppy had urinated on the kitchen floor and Barnard completely unawares, slipped over in it, tearing his cruciate ligament.

7. Alex Stepney

Goalkeepers are well versed at shouting at their defence, but in Alex Stepney’s case it appears he indulged in it rather too much. In a game against Birmingham in 1975 Stepney was so vociferous that he dislocated his jaw when screaming at his defenders. Peter Schmeichel, another Man Utd goalkeeper, would have been proud.

8. Ronaldo

Upon signing for Corinthians in 2009, Brazilian legend Ronaldo was understandably greeted with a great amount of fanfare. The journalists attempting to interview him seemed to go slightly overboard however; such was the excitement that Ronaldo was struck in the face by a microphone, giving him a black eye.

9. Perry Groves

Arsenal winger Perry Groves was sat in the dugout for a game when the Gunners went one up. Groves was delighted and jumped up in celebration, nothing wrong here you might say? Apart from the fact that Groves had not walked out of the dugout and had in fact smashed his head on the roof. Groves was rendered unconscious and had to receive treatment from the physio.

10. Rio Ferdinand

When they are at home footballers want to relax, often they do this by watching TV or playing video games. Ferdinand was chilling by playing on his playstation for a number of hours, and was doing it in style by resting his legs on the coffee table. Bizarrely, Ferdinand had kept his leg in the same position for so long that he suffered a tendon strain in his knee.

Is there any glaring omissions? Let everyone know about some more ‘weird injuries’…


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