Tottenham braced for another transfer soap opera?

Just when you thought Roman Pavlyuchenko was settled at Tottenham, the striker is once again reported to be wanting out of White Hart Lane this summer.

So are Spurs and their fans embroiled in yet another transfer soap opera with the Russian international?

The 28-year-old forward has endured a rocky time at the London club since making the estimated £14 million switch from Russian side Spartak Moscow in 2008. Even though, the striker has shown moments of brilliance this season, netting 10 times in 21 appearances, but the fact remains that the Russian is simply not happy with life on the Spurs bench.

His goal contribution unquestionably helped guide Tottenham to fourth place this season, but the Russian is unwilling to stay at a club that consider him a bench warmer, and as such, will be looking for a new club this summer. Pavlyuchenko has expressed that although he would like a move away from Spurs, he would like to remain in the Premier League. It is believed that Stoke and West Ham are interested in acquiring the striker’s services when the window opens this summer.

It was reported a few days ago that the North London club were to sit down and discuss the player’s future. However, it seems that the Russian has run out of patience, and the realization of the club clinching Champion’s League football next season has conclusively put more doubt that he will be overlooked with the expectance of new arrivals this summer.

Harry Redknapp has given Pavlyuchenko a number of chances in the first-team in the past two seasons, and when on the field, the striker has managed to bag some vital goals for the club. Nevertheless, the forward has not been able to cement a regular place, and with cash to splash this summer, a move away from White Hart Lane looks to be on the cards for the irritable striker. Taking this into consideration, will the Tottenham faithful be too fussed if Pavlyuchenko does decide to leave? Because let’s face it, he isn’t a world-beater now is he.

The player’s agent, Oleg Artemov, spoke to the Daily Mail last week on behalf of the striker’s current situation at Tottenham:

‘Pavlyuchenko could leave Tottenham but it depends on many factors. We need to all sit down and talk together calmly: Roman and I, Spurs and of course Harry Redknapp. It’s still not known whether he needs Pavlyuchenko or not. The main problem is in Roman’s head. He is now at a crossroads and he needs to make a choice.”

The player’s agent finished off by adding:

‘So far Pavlyuchenko has not decided whether he wants to stay at Tottenham, go to another European club or return to Russia.’

So it seems that nothing is yet set in stone. Pavlyuchenko has in the past expressed his unhappiness at the club, although he did at the time decide to stay and fight for a regular place. However, another leak in the media expressing his discontent will surely not please his manager and a number of the fans at the club.

Fans can expect another ‘will he, wont he leave this saga’ this summer. It’s pretty apparent that every time a transfer window is around the corner, we see the striker’s name appear in the media far too often. The Spurs man will not be the most popular player with the fans after his latest comments to the press. Yes, he may have a valid point to complain about his status at the club, but whilst under contract, Pavlyuchenko should respect the manager’s decisions whatever they maybe, end of.

However, with all this being said, will the Spurs fans really be disheartened if the Russian does decide to leave this summer? Or will they be glad to see the back of him? More importantly, for the morale of the team, is it time the petulant Russian parted ways with the club, and evidently, end this ongoing transfer soap opera once and for all?

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