Tottenham caught between a rock and a hard place over transfers

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy finds himself in between a rock and a hard place this summer as he not only plots to provide transfer funds for Harry, but also ensuring that the club continues to operate within their means, especially given the large investment on a new training facility, as well as having a reserve to pump into the early stages of stadium development should the council give the green light. Redknapp has called upon the club to back this fantastic opportunity for the club to cement themselves back among the Premier League elite by splashing the cash; something that maybe perhaps easier said than done.

“I like Fabiano. He is a top player. If he was ­available at the right money then I would be interested in him, but whether that would be the right money for Tottenham Hotspur I don’t know.

“We won’t compete ­wage-wise with Chelsea, ­Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool.” (NOTW)

It is such an awkward situation for the Tottenham board who undoubtedly would love to pull out the stops in the transfer market, but it is a huge gamble to take given the type of outlay the club potentially have on the horizon. We have already witnessed with the mob down the road that the building of a new stadium has implications financially and therefore you can understand if Levy and the board are hesitant in taking a punt and moving the financial goalposts.

One of the reasons Levy has been so successful in the running of the football club is that he has maintained a tight leash on wages and has a structure in place. I know to fellow fans (And judging by Redknapp’s comments this morning) feel a little frustrated at the lack of flexibility with the structure  and believe that is a big reason why we struggle to attract the top end players has little to do with fees, but being unable to compete with rival clubs with wages. Personally I share the frustration, but at the same time you have to weigh up the risk of doing it; I mean should we bring in someone on £100k a week then how long would it take the rest of the players demanding renegotiations over their current deals. Would Defoe be happy with a strike partner on £40k a week more than him?

I know there will be a large amount of supporters who believe you need to speculate to accumulate and investing in good players could see us challenge for titles, continually playing Champions League football and therefore the money will keep flowing into the club to pay for it. While that maybe the case you also have to ask the question what if it didn’t happen and despite the outlay and the removal of a wage structure we struggled to make inroads at the top of the Premier League and failed to generate the revenues to facilitate it? It is easier said than done, especially when you are looking to build a new stadium so to ensure Spurs can compete financially with the big boys in the future. It is an extremely tough call for Levy and the Spurs board to make as to whether a short term flutter could yield a return, or continue to attempt to strike a balance so the club’s long term plans won’t be jeopardised.

Written By Roy James

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