Tottenham fall victim to lazy rumours

Transfer speculation can entertain and frustrate in equal measures. In the summer months waiting for the new season to start reading the back pages for the latest rumours of who could be leaving or arriving your club is an enjoyable pastime. But sometimes speculation can cause more trouble than enjoyment for clubs and players.

Tottenham have had a shaky start to the transfer window so far this summer. Intense speculation about the future of Luka Modric has prompted doubts over the futures of their other key players, including Gareth Bale who has been linked with Barcelona. But the latest name to be reportedly heading for the White Hart Lane exit door is Michael Dawson. Dawson wouldn’t be high on a list of the most likely leavers at Spurs, not because of a lack of talent but the Spurs’ skipper seems like a settled and loyal member of their squad.

Reports emerged on Wednesday that Dawson was in a dispute with Spurs over his contract but the defender has immediately refuted the claims. Unfortunately for Spurs they are one of the clubs at the centre of so much speculation and this has lead to the obvious and lazy rumours that everyone from the kit man to the captain is considering their future. According to the media there is currently a domino effect of discontent in the Spurs’ dressing room.

But Spurs are in no way the only club affected by speculation. Back in October last year Liverpool owner John Henry made a statement on the Liverpool website labeling stories about their key players possibly leaving as “destructive and unwarranted”. That statement came after speculation over the future of Pepe Reina. Henry seemed willing to ignore nuisance rumours and accepted them as common practise these days. If such reports are completely untrue most can be brushed under the carpet and deemed harmless. It is those rumours that plant a seed of doubt in people’s minds that can be destructive for both the clubs and players they are concerning.

Cesc Fabregas’ transfer saga is another popular rumour but this one just won’t go away. To be fair to the media this one seems to have just a little truth behind it despite a possible deal for Fabregas not gaining any steam recently. Whilst Arsenal claim he will stay speculation surrounding their captain’s future just won’t go away, the latest being that Fabregas has told Barcelona’s Xavi that he is ‘suffering’ because of his desire to join the European Champions. The constant speculation over the future of their captain and best player has understandably be causing unrest at Arsenal for years.

Luckily for Spurs these new claims about Dawson seem to just be rumours. Spurs will no doubt take centre stage on the back pages sometime soon but hopefully for Harry Redknapp it will about star arrivals rather than anymore unwanted departures.

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