Tottenham have a Xmas Party…BIG DEAL!

Harry Redknapp will play the role of The Grinch if Spurs fail to produce over the festive season

Harry Redknapp will play the role of The Grinch if Spurs fail to produce over the festive season

Despite Harry Redknapp’s decree that there would be no Christmas party at Spurs this year, the players took it upon themselves to have a party in Dublin. Redknapp believed that the players were going on a golfing trip, but it is claimed that the first-team players all paid event organiser Robbie Keane to spend the night partying in Dublin last Wednesday. However Redknapp does not believe that the events in Dublin played any part in the embarrassing defeat to Wolves over the weekend. The Spurs manager confirmed that the squad trained well on Thursday and Friday and that they were fully prepared for the home game against Wolves. So if the party was of no consequence, why all the fuss in the first place?

Christmas is a busy time for footballers in England; while most people take the opportunity to take time off from work and cut loose, the nation’s professional footballers have to gear themselves up for the most gruelling part of the season. Fixtures come think and fast and many a season has been determined by the events of December and early January. Most other European nations get a winter break at this time but the Christmas schedule is one of the greatest traditions of English football. Given that it is so important it is no wonder that managers are unwilling to let their players lose focus during such a pivotal period.

The players get paid a lot of money to do what they do so it is not a huge demand of them to ask that they take it easy during the holiday season. While Redknapp may say in public that he feels the trip to Dublin was of no consequence he may not have been so accommodating in the dressing room. There is a reason he has been so vocal about his views on Christmas parties in the past; he is an experienced manager and has probably seen what impact a heavy night can have on his players in the past. The problem is that by banning his players from having a party, a manager can damage morale; players may feel underappreciated as a result of such draconian measures. He must weigh up whether the damage a party can have, is more or less than the damage banning the players from having a party can have.

Overall the issue of Christmas parties has probably gained too much attention in recent weeks; footballers will always find ways of having fun against their manager’s wishes. As long as things are timed correctly and don’t get too out of control there is no real problem.

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Article title: Tottenham have a Xmas Party…BIG DEAL!

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